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Eye Floaters Overlooked Causes and a Possible Treatment

I’ve had floaters in both eyes, especially my left eye, for most of my life. Eye floaters are common conditions for many people in the general population, and especially common for people with connective tissue disorders. They are little specs that float around in your field of vision. Sometimes the floaters in my eyes would increase in number and get very bothersome.

I’ve had them checked out on numerous occasions by different opthamologists, but I was always told that otherwise my eyes seemed fine and that the floaters were nothing to worry about.

If you have floaters, you should always have them checked out by a doctor as they can be signs of more serious conditions.

An Old Home Remedy for Eye Floaters….

“I have found the juice of one lemon taken in a little hot water remove dizzy feelings in the head, accompanied by specks and lights dancing before the eyes, consequent upon the liver being out of order, in half an hour.” From Food Remedies: Fact About Foods and Their Medical Uses, Florence Daniel, C. W. Daniel, 11 Cursitor Street, London. Published 1908.

I stumbled across how greatly reduce the number of my eye floaters by accident one day when I was using trigger point therapy to relieve a tension headache.

I used to get many tension headaches just on the left side of my head — the same side I saw most of my floaters on.

I have mild scoliosis, and my left shoulder is higher than my right. My left shoulder is also tighter than my right shoulder, and that general area around my left shoulder has more tension than other parts of my body.

* More is available here: http://www.ctds.info/eye-floaters.html

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