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Benign Eye Floaters

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Eye floaters. It sounds like something related to fishing, right? Maybe something you'd see in the ocean... well, not exactly. Eye floaters have everything to do with your eyes, and nothing to do with the sea, (though they may affect what you "see"). Are you confused yet? Don't worry, let's "clear" things up a bit... Have you ever seen a cloud floating about your eye? Have you ever wondered what those squiggly lines are that float across your line of sight? Perhaps you have never experienced this unusual phenomena. If not, sounds like your vision is in good shape. But even if you do occasionally see squiggly lines or floating objects across your line of sight, don't worry. It's not necessarily a sign something is wrong with your vision. In fact, eye "floaters" are quite common, and even a very interesting phenomena. Eye floaters are hard to describe. Some view them as tiny flecks or "wormy" substances floating about their field of vision. These flecks, specks, clouds, worms or other term you may hold dear refer to eye floaters. Eye floaters are easily seen when you look at a blank document or background. Many people notice them as tiny grayish objects floating in their primary field of vision. They often move slowly across your eyes, disappearing, only to reappear within minutes or hours. Most people are able to "tune out" small floaters that appear on occasion. ...
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Find An Eye Doctor - Contact Lenses, Eye Glasses, Lasik, Contact Glasses, Safety Glasses and more...
Find an Eye Doctor in your city or state. Great articles on contact lenses, eye glasses, sun glasses, latest trends and information. Welcome to Eye Doctor Guide, your one stop resource for everything there is to know about eye care, eyewear and choosing a great eye doctor. At EyeDoctorGuide.com we are committed to your health, well-being and of course, your vision! Launched in 2006, this site was created for people looking to find an Eye Doctor locally and or seeking more knowledge about their eye care and overall health. Our goals include providing our visitors with a great resource of information about everything involving eye care. Whether you want information on eyeglasses, contact lenses, refractive surgery, eye diseases or nutrition, you'll find all that here and more. Join us as we continue to add the most up to date information about your vision. ...
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Find An Eye Doctor - Contact Lenses, Eye Glasses, Lasik, Contact Glasses, Safety Glasses and more

Squiggly Lines in the Eyes: Vitreous Floaters...
Squiggly Lines in the Eyes They are known as "floaters" or "benign floaters": A blurry spot that seems to drift in front of the eyes but does not block vision. The blur is the result of debris from the vitreous of the eye casting a shadow on the retina. We call them "Squiggly Lines"! More info below....
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Squiggly Lines in the Eyes: Vitreous Floaters
Huge internet resource for the diagnosis of and treatment for squiggly black lines in the vitreous fluid of the eye. Otherwise known as "FLOATERS"!

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